Companies that engage in community, and communicate that effectively, perform better!

When you leverage your actions it will positively impact your bottomline through:

  • Improved employee retention.
  • Cause-related content is shared 6-8x more than industry content.
  • Builds relationships with your customers.
  • Increased media opportunities.
  • Higher stock prices.
With more than 30 years of professional writing experience, content marketing strategy and an ear to the ground on corporate social responsibility trends, With Good Cause is your perfect content partner.


  • 1 hour session to review content marketing, set goals and determine editorial focus.
  • 4 blog posts related to cause activities, initiatives or organizations your company is currently engaged with.
  • 1 employee profile (top executive, community engagement manager or simply a champion in your company).
  • 1 blog post related to your community mission statement.
  • Keyword research compared to your competition and SEO best practices for your industry.
  • Guide for using your content effectively.

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