If your goal is to create a sustainable foundation that is held to high ethical standards and strives to make a significant impact, then With Good Cause is the right partner for you.

A well-defined mission is what keeps you on track and a solid strategic plan in which we define the short and long-term goals of your foundation are at the base of our work.

The expectations put on professional athletes are high – both on and off the field. When it comes to your charitable work the stakes are high in terms of reputation. That’s why transparency is crucial to the process and thoroughly vetting your partners is something we take seriously.

Creating awareness of your cause initiatives is just one piece of the puzzle. Expressing the authentic connection between athlete, community and cause is the magic sauce that will get your work noticed. Through content creations, custom fundraising pitches, and media relations management, we keep your messaging consistent and memorable.

Developing fundraising events and cause marketing campaigns that reflect your mission is our specialty. Our goal is to raise the most money possible, while creating a memorable experience for your guests. In addition we focus on building unique engagement opportunities for sponsors that will bring them back again and again.

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